Transits and the chance for change

When a tree is planted, eased carefully into the earth, watered and nurtured, you can look at it one day, and then the next, but you will not see it grow. But as you watch it each spring, you will notice that that, yes, it has grown and the trunk is thicker, the branches longer. When the first hard green apple appears, it may feel that it takes forever, but one day, there it hangs, ripe and juicy and the tree is ready to be harvested. (Note 1)

It’s like that with progressions… they creep up on you without you noticing. But suddenly you realize their effect has been growing and blossoming, and you are already acting them out. As John Lennon says: “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans”. Mercury progressed may for example catch up with Venus by progression, and for years and years they move on together in tandem. Could that be your new partner’s sister who is always visiting and involved, or have you started a 5-year study of French, or is a sibling born, who will be a part of the family inventory for years to come? Progressions can encompass everything, and you may still not realize their importance. Continue reading

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The Future of the Euro

New Year’s Day may have been good once, but it is not so any more. In the current decade it is the political and economic hangovers that weigh heavy as the year begins… and will continue to do so for several years into the future. There may be a temptation to start something new on New Year’s Day, but it would be inadvisable to do it from 2012 to 2015, because the Uranus/Pluto cycle will consistently be square the sun which is always at 10 degrees Capricorn on January 1st. Pluto will reach this degree in February 2013 and Uranus squares this position in May in the same year… and a long time will elapse before these transits have passed. Furthermore a horoscope for New Year’s Eve will almost always have about 1 – 10 degrees Libra in the Ascendant and 1 – 10 degrees Capricorn on the IC for western countries in the northern hemisphere, which means that Uranus conjoins the Descendant and Pluto the IC for all these countries. Continue reading

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Hello again, Obama

Whilst Sarkozy is not popular in France; neither is Obama popular in the USA.  Republicans hate him; never have the States been so divided. But even many Democrats are bitterly disappointed in him, saying he has caved in to Republican demands and watered down Democrat policies, social, environmental and political. This deep disappointment in Obama has always been on the agenda, for, with his Sun square Neptune, he has always embodied impossible hopes.  But it is unlikely that he is weak either, for Saturn, the ruler of his Aquarian ascendant, is strong in Capricorn, and his Sun is strong in Leo. But the Sun in the 6th house shows a man motivated to tone down ego needs to make work go smoothly, and his Saturn trine Mars in Virgo, is very, very pragmatic. He is obviously supremely intelligent, with Moon in Gemini sextile Mercury on the one hand and trine Jupiter on the other. But the fact that Moon is in Gemini in the 4th house of home and country, and square Pluto reflects not only his split childhood, where is grandmother looked after him more than his mother, but also the polarized country that he rules.

Barack Obama. August 4th, 1961. 19.24HonoluluAS 18.03 AQ

The horoscope for the USA (Note 1) has Venus at 3.06 and Jupiter at 5.50 Cancer, and these positions have been hammered by the transiting Pluto opposition and Uranus square. No wonder theUSis in crisis, and Obama along with the country. But in 2012 this crisis must abate, because the transits will be over. This suggests that many of Obama’s economic initiatives will appear to work, and the economy will improve. So, whileEuropegets deeper into trouble, theUSAwill emerge a little stronger.

At the election in November 2012 people will remember that Obama has had his successes, particularly the elimination of Osama bin Laden, and his ability to extract US troops from two wars Bush bequeathed him. TheUSAhas its IC at 1.03 Aries, and the transit of Uranus over this point has symbolized this unique man who has come into the White House, as well as the uncertainty affecting theUSgovernment. As the election approaches, some things will settle down.

By the time of the election,Neptuneis in Pisces in a long-term trine to Saturn in Scorpio, and this is a more left-wing than right-wing signature, showing a collective need for social reform and concern for the underprivileged.

US election 2012: November 6th, 2012. 6.00New YorkAS 7.08 SC

The Moon in Leo crosses over Obama’s Sun during Election Day making a sextile to Venus in Libra on the one side, and Jupiter in Gemini on the other… in other words the two benefics are favorably aspecting his Sun, and the Moon focuses this.  Jupiter will have conjoined his Moon earlier in the year, suggesting that he has once again managed his grass roots supporters expertly. Mercury is stationary retrograde, which means its square to Neptune will repeat twice more, so it is not difficult to imagine a lot of claims of fraud, particularly with voting systems and disenfranchisement.

But otherwise it is an unremarkable chart. When Obama was elected in 2008, there was an exact and extremely rare opposition between Saturn and Uranus, which was very appropriate for a change in political structures and the victory of the new and young. Even Obamas own chart shows little drama as 2012 draws to a close. The progressed Mars, which squares his Saturn from 2011-2012 reflecting the hard struggles of the current period, is over. There are no major transits until Neptune squares his Moon in 2013 (though it is very close in the summer of 2012). The terrible Uranus/Pluto sesqui squares to his Ascendant are over, as are the aspects to his Venus.  This is not Sarkozy, with the Uranus/Pluto exactly hitting natal Moon/Mars. And precisely because so little is happening, my guess is that he will be re-elected, because if he is re-elected nothing much changes.

However his Ascendant progressed will be at 22.16 Aries and coming uncomfortably close to a square to progressed Saturn retrograde at 23.12 Capricorn, which is an indication of insurmountable obstacles. But probably this reflects difficulties in his next term, and by the time progressed Ascendant squares natal Saturn at 25.19 towards the end of his second term, then he will have become ineffective.

But whoever becomes president of the United Stateson Americafrom January 20th 2013 to January 19th 2017 is not to be envied, and here’s why. The progressed Sun of theUSA moves in square to its Uranus progressed at the end of 2011, and will make the exact square to radix Uranus at the time of the November 2012 election. There is going to be profound discontent amongst the people at the time of the election. This politically polarized country will become more and more difficult to rule as President, and civil disobedience will be on the rise. What makes this really serious is that transit Uranus will also square theUS Sun from April 2014 to February 2015, simultaneously opposing the US Saturn in Libra – Congress.  Pluto is of course involved too, and will oppose theUS sun from March 2014 to October 2015. This is quite catastrophic for the President and Congress, and theUSA will become ungovernable at this time.

Adrian Ross Duncan 9th September 2011

Note 1. Using the Sibley chart July 4th, 1776, 17.10.40 Philadelphia AS 12.21 SG

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Goodbye Sarkozy

In many ways historical periods are defined by the men and women who lead them. In making predictions about which of these leaders will be elected, the trick is to find resonance between the planetary positions of these leaders and the planetary movements of the period.  A prerequisite for leadership is also resonance between the horoscope of the leader and the horoscope of the country or organization. George W Bush had his sun at 13 Cancer right on the USA sun. When the USA celebrated Independence Day, Bush celebrated his birthday.  There will always be some resonance. For example Obama has his Venus at 1.47 Cancer, whilst theUSAhas Venus at 3.06 Cancer… just one of the many contacts between the president and his country.  Economically USA lurched from one crisis to another as Pluto opposed and Uranus squared this Venus from 2010 – 2011, and this has naturally brought Obama’s economic management into the firing line too.

Nicolas Sarkozy is born at a very significant time in 1955, when Jupiter conjoined Uranus in Cancer and squared Neptune. This is a very visionary cycle and corresponds to the ascendancy of television in the USA, and the use of media to propagate ideals. In Sarkozy’s case the conjunction with Jupiter at 23 Cancer and Uranus at 25 Cancer falls on the Sun/Mercury conjunction of that most significant moment for France– the storming of the Bastille (Note 1), so probably he channels something of the revolutionary exhilaration of this moment. Sarkozy also has a fixed T-square with Saturn in Scorpio square a Pluto/Mercury opposition at 26 Leo/Aquarius. This is almost exactly on the fixed cross involving Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and the Moon, on the date when Louis XVI was executed. (Note 2) The same ruthless spirit is sure to be found in Sarkozy, and anyone getting involved in a discussion with him, will be relentless ground down… Sarkozy is a man who does not change his ideas and prefers to give ultimatums.

1. Nicolas Sarkozy January 28th, 1955 22.00 Paris AS 26.07 VI

The demise of Dominique Strauss Kahn who was to oppose Sarkozy in the French presidential election on April 22nd next year, may perhaps have brought a certain satisfaction to the French president. Strauss Kahn is said to no longer be a credible candidate for the opposing socialist party, even though the whole thing with the housemaid in the luxury New York hotel was a setup, perhaps just for personal gain, or perhaps more ominously for political gain. (Note 3)

So perhaps Sarkozy will find himself up against Segolene Royal – one of several socialist candidates hoping to compete – once more. (Note 7) They contested to 2007 presidential elections which Sarkozy won.

2. Segolene Royale. September 22nd, 1953. 16.10Dakar,Senegal AS 8.58 AQ

Royal’s horoscope is a really good example of a “socialist” chart. She channels the Saturn/Neptune conjunction of 1953 (right on the First Republic’s Neptune) and has Moon in Pisces exactly trine Uranus. She is a genuine left-winger who believes in sacrifice for the greater good… a true enemy of capitalism. She has her Sun at 29 Virgo, which is the position of the Sun in the very first horoscope for the French Republic (Note 4) reminiscent of George W Bush’s bond with the USA.

It is possible that Sarkozy does not know yet, but he is going to lose this election.  Looking at the election chart, there is a new moon in Taurus in a grand trine with Mars and Pluto, which does suggest a major clean out… surely a transformation of government. Actually the new moon in the election horoscope falls on Strauss Kahn’s Sun/Venus conjunction, but he is out of the picture, isn’t he? What is rather interesting about this chart is the position of Venus at 15 Gemini.

3. French Election. April 22nd, 2012. 8.00 Paris. AS 0.04 GE

Venus goes retrograde later on at 23.59 Gemini which strongly activates Royal’s Jupiter sextile Pluto/Venus sextile Neptune/Saturn. After the first election on April 22nd there will be a run-off (if there has been no clear winner) on May 6th and with Venus trine Saturn activating the magnificent sextile pattern at this later date, this would favor Royal. The fact that Venus is retrograde could show some sort of comeback for a woman.

There are many possible opposition candidates to Sarkozy at the time of writing, but it does not matter to the outcome, which is that Sarkozy is going to be moving out of the Elysee Palace.  The finger is already on the ejection seat, and as Uranus squares his Moon/Mars conjunction whilst Pluto exactly squares it, scandal and disgust at power play and underhand actions will result in his dismissal. His Moon/Mars conjunction is impossibly fiery, and old ghosts will come to rest, which may make the Strauss Kahn scandal seem like peanuts. His wife Carla Bruni has been reported to be struggling to curb his notoriously aggressive temper. Indeed she may soon give up. In one interview she portrays the small but unnerving head of state as a “fiery despot who requires constant effort to keep calm”. (Note 5)

Sarkozy cannot possibly sustain his position with the double transits of Uranus/Pluto to this key placement in the birth horoscope. Strauss Kahn had his moon at 3 Aries, and he was shot down when Uranus conjoined it… out of the blue. A similar unwelcome surprise will almost certainly hit Sarkozy. A new epoch will begin in France, and with the Saturn/Neptune trine becoming a dominant trend from 2012-2013, the socialist inclinations of France will probably come to the fore again.

1: The storming of the Bastille took place on July 14th, 1789
2. The execution of Louis XVI took place on January 21st, 1793 at 10.20 inParis.
3. See my article “Naughty Men”
4. The FirstRepublic. September 21st 1792. 15.30ParisAS 25.33 CP. This marked Day One, Year One and was the beginning of a new French calendar, later abandoned, which was based on the astrological signs.
5. Read more:

6. (April 2012) As everyone probably knows by now, it is Segolene Royale’s husband Francois Hollande, who is the socialist candidate.

Adrian Ross Duncan

23rd Sep 2011

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Horoscope Reading of Barack Obama on his Birthday

Barack Obama

Sun Leo, Moon Gemini and Ascendant in Aquarius

Born on 4th Aug 1961, Honolulu, Hawaii

Birth Chart of Barack Obama

Here’s what World of Wisdom birth horoscope reports says about Barack Obama:

His Character:

… [With the sun in Leo, Obama] has warm human qualities which ensure that his is at the center of events and at the focus of other people’s attention. He invests a great deal of his energy in his work. Recognition and appreciation of his efforts by colleagues is important for his self-esteem, and people will generally look up to him at work.

… he is a very socially oriented person with a driving vision of his fellow human beings, a well suited man for work in humanitarian areas. He can strike out on a unique course in life and pave a way into the future which can be inspiring example for future generations.

… As the Sun is in the opposition of Jupiter in his horoscope one of his greatest professional assets is his optimism and ability to envision and empower the future. Obama has the capacity to occupy a high profile position in which his charisma and personal identity play a leading role.

His Father:

… On a professional level almost anything is possible with Obama – as long as he feels that what he does is meaningful.  Obama’s early connection with his father was special in some way. He may feel he had an intimate contact with him on a spiritual level, although later events will prove that he deluded himself in this respect.  His father will embody this ideal and most probably fail to live up to it.

His Feelings:

… On emotional front he is a restless soul with an insatiable appetite for new impressions. He has a superb talent for communicating with other people.

… Obama’s career can be profoundly influenced by the world of feeling and by public mood.

His Career:

… He can play an important role channelling the hopes and dreams of on the one hand large numbers of people… he may feel a strong identification with his country.

… Barack Obama has strong opinions and has the ability to win respect when he puts across his point of view. He commands attention when he expresses his ideas, and coupled with other factors, this can give him both creative and leadership abilities. On one level or another he is an excellent organizer and full of ideas about how to make things function efficiently at work.

… There is a sense that destiny steps into his path and guides him in a new direction. This will often mean that he will get involved with – or cross paths with – a very powerful group with a strong ideological orientation. He may be required to take a position as regards the use and misuse of power on a collective level. Obama can expect to be challenged in a mysterious and fateful way, and his personal integrity will be put to the test.

His Mind:

… Success comes when he works with communication in one form or another. He may excel in the arts or in public speaking. He brings a human element into your professional dealings, and advancement will often come through the goodwill of others.

… Mercury in opposition to Saturn shows Obama has a logical and disciplined mind, and special skills as regards working out systems and performing tasks which require patience for long periods of time. He is very good at spotting mistakes and errors. In his dealings with others, he is a very good at tuning in to their ideas, and he will go very far – perhaps too far – to avoid confrontation and argument.


Adrian Ross Duncan

4th August 2011

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NAUGHTY MEN – Part II : Strauss-Kahn

Whilst we can be sure that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back despite his love child with the family maid, things look a bit more worrying for Dominique Strauss-Kahn who was arrested under humiliating circumstances for allegedly forcing sex on a hotel maid. He was escorted off a plane to Paris on Saturday 14th May, handcuffed and interrogated by New York police, imprisoned and presented in court on the following money and sent back to the notorious Rikers Island jail immediately afterwards. Two weeks would go by before he was given bail, which means he is confined to a New York apartment and has to wear an electronic bracelet and finance a security company to guard him and re-arrest if necessary.

For a man who was head of the International Monetary Fund and positioning himself to be the next president of France, this event is the biggest disaster in a life characterized by riches, political power and fame. How could this have happened?

HOROSCOPE: Dominique Strauss-Kahn 25th April, 1949. 11.10 am Neuilly, Paris (AS
0.24 LE)

He does not have the horoscope of an incarnate sexual predator. Mars is strong in Aries and Venus strong in Taurus, so it is certainly the horoscope of a man with strong appetites. With Ascendant ruler in Taurus and the 10th conjoining a dignified Venus, he is ideally suited to work in the financial world, and Mars in Aries in the 10th shows him as a born leader, the trine to Saturn in Leo and the 2nd house, indicating that he is hard-working and a strong and responsible leader with some inhibitions about self-worth, obviously compensated for by a high-status life.

Although he is a member of the socialist party in France, he has always been on the right and supported privatization, which is a signature theme of Sun/Venus in Taurus square Jupiter, where free trade and right-wing values predominate. He lost the leadership battle for the French socialist party to the more left-wing Segolene Royal in 2006.

It is conceivable that the conjunction of Mars with the North Node accentuates sexual appetites. He has a history of sexual “conquest”, the most controversial being his clandestine relationship with married employee Piroska Nagy. The IMF censured him for misusing his position but no further action was taken. He acquired in France the title of “Great Seducer”. Being a Frenchman, he probably took this as a band of honor, but when his job took him to the USA, he was warned by friends that his cavalier attitude to sex could get him into trouble. Indeed, he himself said to journalists early in 2011 that the only danger to his career would be someone getting bribed to allege sexual harassment. In fact on April 28, 2011, Strauss-Kahn had stated he was “worried his political opponent, Nicolas Sarkozy, would try to frame him with a fake rape”.

It would not in fact be very difficult to do, as Strauss-Kahn has historically needed little
encouragement to embark on sexual escapades. So let’s have a look at the events astrologically:

HOROSCOPE: Strauss-Kahn “attack” on maid: 14th May 2011, New York (AS 19.03 LE) Time “around 1 pm” Reuters.

In this event chart, it is very possible that the sun represents Strauss-Kahn. Certainly, when he was in court on Monday, the sun was on the fixed start Algol. He lost his future on this day and subsequently resigned from the IMF post. If the time is right, Neptune on the Descendant shows that this “relationship” is not what it seems to be. What catches the attention in the chart is the fact that Mars is in exile in Taurus and Venus in exile in Aries, and that they are in reception. Furthermore, Mercury – which has already been retrograde and conjoined Mars twice in Aries – is right up with Venus and goes hand in hand with her into Taurus. So, honestly, who is Mercury?

Venus in Aries must be the maid… in exile. She emigrated from Guinea three years earlier, and apparently has a teenage daughter. After the alleged attack, she subsequently rang her
brother in tears, who recommended she go to a lawyer. In fact the close conjunction of Venus with Mercury implies an extremely close relationship with the brother. The situation of Venus and Mercury changes immediately after the event, with both moving into Taurus in sextile to Neptune, which would provide a pretty effective smokescreen. Venus comes into a much better position, also financially. Mercury goes on to conjoin bad boy Mars in Taurus, which it conjoined before at 28 Aquarius on 21st February and then retrograde at 13 Aries on 19th April at which point it turned direct in opposition to Saturn. In other words Mercury has a history with Mars, and Mars/Mercury conjunctions are notorious for trickery. This is the Mercury that is 11 minutes of arc from Venus at the time of the attack. It was a setup.

It could be said that Strauss-Kahn has himself to blame for so easily engaging in a sexual
relationship with a hotel maid. Born into a world of privilege, rich beyond measure, enjoying his penthouse hotel suite at $3000 per night, probably arrogant and with a strong sense of entitlement, this was the guy working to save the world economy. The thunderbolt that has struck him is probably reflected by the fact that there has been a progressed new moon in his horoscope (on the US Venus) conjoining Uranus whilst transit Uranus exactly conjoined his Moon in Aries in his 9th house. Interestingly enough, there is a progressed Mercury/Mars conjunction in Gemini on his progressed MC trining Neptune, and as Mercury rules his 12th house (the cusp of which is conjoined by Uranus), this could reflect secret enemies at work.

Where we can be assured that Schwarzenegger will be back, the same cannot be said of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who has seen his 2012 presidential ambitions go up in smoke. In fact, with the progressed new moon falling in his 12th house, obscurity is the likely result over the next two years… hopefully not in a prison cell. Transiting Jupiter will transit his Venus/Sun conjunction three times in 2011, the final conjunction to the sun being in February 2012, when justice will be delivered.  57% of the French people think it is a plot, and his wife and ex-wife categorically deny that he could do anything violent. But here we have a Frenchman in New York, and he shouldn’t be flaunting his libido around, should he?

Adrian Ross Duncan. June 14th 2011

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NAUGHTY MEN – Part I : Schwarzenegger

By now it is well known that women come from Venus and men from Mars. Despite the attempted reversals or homogenization of male and female roles in the 1970’s,
when Uranus and Pluto transited the relationship sign of Libra, experience has
shown that little boys like guns and little girls don’t. Big girls are generally not attracted to men who are soft and dependent, whilst big boys go for beauty rather than muscle. That is the way of Venus and Mars, which are universal gender organizing principles for humanity. And whilst we may lament hat vast sums of money are spent by governments on military hardware, it is interesting to ponder on the fact that equal sums of money are spent on the fashion and beauty industry.

For those who practice astrology, it quickly becomes apparent that men project Venus in their horoscope on women, and are attracted to the kind of woman that Venus in house and aspect represents, whilst the same is the case for women and Mars. This projection mechanism is not ideal, and is the source of much trouble in relationships. Similarly there are collective projections which change as Venus and Mars travel through each sign in turn. It is interesting therefore that two men who have been in the spotlight whilst Mars has been in Taurus are Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dominic Strauss-Kahn – one muscle man and California governor, and the other money man and head of the International Monetary Fund…money and muscle being qualities strongly associated with Taurus.

Mars, which is said to rule the signs of Aries and Scorpio, is in exile in the opposite signs Libra and Taurus. Schwarzenegger is an Austrian in California and Strauss-Kahn and Frenchman in New York. But being in exile, or detriment, for Mars in Taurus also means that the weaknesses of Mars are exposed. Mars is always interested in sexual conquest, but when it is in Taurus in it easily seduced by the pleasures of the senses.

Mars in Taurus is a very naughty boy indeed.

Perhaps that is why the news broke that Arnold Schwarzenegger had not been able to resist impregnating is maid, which resulted in a child being born in 1988… a secret that came out with the entry of Mars in Taurus on May 11th 2011. This was one day after his wife Maria Shriver announced that they were to be separated after 25 years of marriage. There are further suggestions that he misappropriated government funds, using official vehicles to drive elegant consorts to luxury hotel suites, availing himself of his security detail to get
them into his room by the service entrance. Of course it can get boring in a hotel room, but wasn’t he supposed to be looking after the state of California?

HOROSCOPE:  Arnold Schwarzenegger 30th July 1947 4.10 Graz, Austria (AS 19.07 CN)

His horoscope shows a Sun in Leo conjoining Saturn and Pluto in the 2nd house, which in his early days was ideal for exhibiting his body, and of late has also been useful for governing a state which has been teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. A Sun/Saturn/Pluto conjunction is indestructible, and so his role as Terminator was a perfect expression of his character.

Mars in his horoscope conjoins Uranus in Gemini and the 12th house, a high-risk combination; when he was 23 he lost his brother through an accident. A Mars/Uranus conjunction in the 12th May indicate some particularly virulent secret enemies, and it may also show risky sexual adventures. He loves motorcycles and had an accident on his Harley Davidson in 2006.

He was elected as governor of California on October 7th 2003, and retired in 2011 to pursue his film career, which, because of the current scandals, he has now put on hold. His period as governor coincided with the entry of his progressed Sun into Libra and the movement of his progressed Ascendant from Leo to Virgo, showing a change of emphasis from showmanship to service. As he took over governorship progressed Mars conjoined his natal Venus at 26 Cancer, activating USA’s Mercury/Pluto opposition. This last aspect may
actually indicate his ongoing secret lusts being satiated in secret encounters using his security detail to cover things up!

So Schwarzenegger entered a life of political service in 2003, and with his Ascendant ruler the Moon in tough Capricorn and the 6th he probably worked just as hard and conscientiously as he did when he was building those magnificent muscles we all love. Still, the Moon has also proved to be his (temporary) downfall… for is not Moon in Capricorn in the 6th house square Neptune the maid?

The transit of Pluto over this moon position has mercilessly exposed his weakness. Psychologically the moon in exile in Capricorn square Neptune shows deep unhappiness and unfulfilled emotional needs, both in relation to his mother and his new chosen country. The maid, a constant feature of his home life, fulfilled needs that were not fulfilled elsewhere. With his Venus in Cancer too, which couples romantic needs with domestic pleasures, he surely wants to be looked after.

During the period of his governorship his progressed Venus in Libra has conjoined progressed Neptune, exactly mirroring Bill Clinton’s Venus/Neptune conjunction, and all the romantic indiscretions it implies. At the end of his governorship, It is all-change for Schwarzenegger. His MC progressed is at 00.00 Gemini, having just (appropriately) conjoined the Pleiades, or Weeping Sisters, showing major career change. His Mars has moved out of Cancer, where it has been for over 40 years, and into Leo, showing a new need for showmanship, playfulness and romance. And Mercury has progressed into Scorpio, unfortunately squaring progressed Mars, reflecting sexual scandal and damage to

Not too damaging, I am sure. He will probably find success as a writer/director and we will surely be seeing him again on the silver screen in new roles, because nothing will ever terminate the Terminator.

Adrian Ross Duncan 7th June 2011

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