Astrology Reports

Astrology reports from World of Wisdom
An astrology report is the next best thing to having your horoscope done by a professional astrologer.

Although astrology reports are put together by a computer, there are certain things which can be done by a computer-generated report that an astrologer often does not have time to talk about.

Basic trends and in-depth psychological issues can be covered extremely well.

WOW offers three different reports
We guarantee that you’ll be stunned by the accuracy of these report… no other computerized report can compare with this one. With the Personal Horoscope you’ll not only learn the deepest secrets about yourself, you’ll be given tools for changing your life in a positive new direction. That’s a promise. The Relationship report will show you just how you come across to your partner, and what to do to improve every area of your love life. You can transform your relationship just by spending half an hour reading the report, which is approximately 20 pages in length. The Seasonal horoscope provides you with daily trends and tips on how to handle the planetary energies.

So why not order an interpretation of a horoscope for yourself or a friend? Our astrology reports are the most beautifully presented and packaged on the web. But don’t take our word for it, read the review in American Astrology magazine. They write: “WOW produces visually stunning and truly beautiful reports, by far the nicest I’ve ever seen, with lovely chart wheels”.

Read what other people say about our reports

Reports are sent as an Adobe Reader file – this preserves the beautiful full-colour style and presentation.

Please note: owners of WOW programs are not allowed to sell Interpretations without a licence.
To apply for a licence, please contact our support department



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