Goodbye Sarkozy

In many ways historical periods are defined by the men and women who lead them. In making predictions about which of these leaders will be elected, the trick is to find resonance between the planetary positions of these leaders and the planetary movements of the period.  A prerequisite for leadership is also resonance between the horoscope of the leader and the horoscope of the country or organization. George W Bush had his sun at 13 Cancer right on the USA sun. When the USA celebrated Independence Day, Bush celebrated his birthday.  There will always be some resonance. For example Obama has his Venus at 1.47 Cancer, whilst theUSAhas Venus at 3.06 Cancer… just one of the many contacts between the president and his country.  Economically USA lurched from one crisis to another as Pluto opposed and Uranus squared this Venus from 2010 – 2011, and this has naturally brought Obama’s economic management into the firing line too.

Nicolas Sarkozy is born at a very significant time in 1955, when Jupiter conjoined Uranus in Cancer and squared Neptune. This is a very visionary cycle and corresponds to the ascendancy of television in the USA, and the use of media to propagate ideals. In Sarkozy’s case the conjunction with Jupiter at 23 Cancer and Uranus at 25 Cancer falls on the Sun/Mercury conjunction of that most significant moment for France– the storming of the Bastille (Note 1), so probably he channels something of the revolutionary exhilaration of this moment. Sarkozy also has a fixed T-square with Saturn in Scorpio square a Pluto/Mercury opposition at 26 Leo/Aquarius. This is almost exactly on the fixed cross involving Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and the Moon, on the date when Louis XVI was executed. (Note 2) The same ruthless spirit is sure to be found in Sarkozy, and anyone getting involved in a discussion with him, will be relentless ground down… Sarkozy is a man who does not change his ideas and prefers to give ultimatums.

1. Nicolas Sarkozy January 28th, 1955 22.00 Paris AS 26.07 VI

The demise of Dominique Strauss Kahn who was to oppose Sarkozy in the French presidential election on April 22nd next year, may perhaps have brought a certain satisfaction to the French president. Strauss Kahn is said to no longer be a credible candidate for the opposing socialist party, even though the whole thing with the housemaid in the luxury New York hotel was a setup, perhaps just for personal gain, or perhaps more ominously for political gain. (Note 3)

So perhaps Sarkozy will find himself up against Segolene Royal – one of several socialist candidates hoping to compete – once more. (Note 7) They contested to 2007 presidential elections which Sarkozy won.

2. Segolene Royale. September 22nd, 1953. 16.10Dakar,Senegal AS 8.58 AQ

Royal’s horoscope is a really good example of a “socialist” chart. She channels the Saturn/Neptune conjunction of 1953 (right on the First Republic’s Neptune) and has Moon in Pisces exactly trine Uranus. She is a genuine left-winger who believes in sacrifice for the greater good… a true enemy of capitalism. She has her Sun at 29 Virgo, which is the position of the Sun in the very first horoscope for the French Republic (Note 4) reminiscent of George W Bush’s bond with the USA.

It is possible that Sarkozy does not know yet, but he is going to lose this election.  Looking at the election chart, there is a new moon in Taurus in a grand trine with Mars and Pluto, which does suggest a major clean out… surely a transformation of government. Actually the new moon in the election horoscope falls on Strauss Kahn’s Sun/Venus conjunction, but he is out of the picture, isn’t he? What is rather interesting about this chart is the position of Venus at 15 Gemini.

3. French Election. April 22nd, 2012. 8.00 Paris. AS 0.04 GE

Venus goes retrograde later on at 23.59 Gemini which strongly activates Royal’s Jupiter sextile Pluto/Venus sextile Neptune/Saturn. After the first election on April 22nd there will be a run-off (if there has been no clear winner) on May 6th and with Venus trine Saturn activating the magnificent sextile pattern at this later date, this would favor Royal. The fact that Venus is retrograde could show some sort of comeback for a woman.

There are many possible opposition candidates to Sarkozy at the time of writing, but it does not matter to the outcome, which is that Sarkozy is going to be moving out of the Elysee Palace.  The finger is already on the ejection seat, and as Uranus squares his Moon/Mars conjunction whilst Pluto exactly squares it, scandal and disgust at power play and underhand actions will result in his dismissal. His Moon/Mars conjunction is impossibly fiery, and old ghosts will come to rest, which may make the Strauss Kahn scandal seem like peanuts. His wife Carla Bruni has been reported to be struggling to curb his notoriously aggressive temper. Indeed she may soon give up. In one interview she portrays the small but unnerving head of state as a “fiery despot who requires constant effort to keep calm”. (Note 5)

Sarkozy cannot possibly sustain his position with the double transits of Uranus/Pluto to this key placement in the birth horoscope. Strauss Kahn had his moon at 3 Aries, and he was shot down when Uranus conjoined it… out of the blue. A similar unwelcome surprise will almost certainly hit Sarkozy. A new epoch will begin in France, and with the Saturn/Neptune trine becoming a dominant trend from 2012-2013, the socialist inclinations of France will probably come to the fore again.

1: The storming of the Bastille took place on July 14th, 1789
2. The execution of Louis XVI took place on January 21st, 1793 at 10.20 inParis.
3. See my article “Naughty Men”
4. The FirstRepublic. September 21st 1792. 15.30ParisAS 25.33 CP. This marked Day One, Year One and was the beginning of a new French calendar, later abandoned, which was based on the astrological signs.
5. Read more:

6. (April 2012) As everyone probably knows by now, it is Segolene Royale’s husband Francois Hollande, who is the socialist candidate.

Adrian Ross Duncan

23rd Sep 2011

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7 Responses to Goodbye Sarkozy

  1. Totally agree Adrian – and there’s even more mystery in the coincidental synastry associated with Sarkozy’s chart. Note Wikipedia’s comment regarding Sarkozy’s father ‘His paternal ancestor was elevated to the untitled nobility of Hungary on 10 September 1628 for his role in fighting the armies of the Ottoman Empire’ – Neptune at 27.30 Libra. Then the 1st Republics chart 22nd Sept 1792 – Neptune at 28.30 Libra and Sarkozy’s chart – Neptune 28.14 Libra. There seems to be more to Sarkozy than meets the eye. His final dispositor Mars in Aries conjunct Moon in the 7th sextile Sun in Aquarius in the 5th gives a pretty formidable libido. On June 24th 2012 not only is the Uranus/Pluto square on his Mars but there is also a Grand Square involving Neptune/Jupiter/Moon/North node which has aspects to Sarkozy’s North Node in the 4th and with the Sun transiting opposite Sarkozy’s North Node. Also note that the degree of transiting Uranus is the same as it was on Oct 29th 1929! Personally I think that Sarkozy has enough ‘psychic energy’ (as Jung called libido) that if he dedicated himself to the betterment of humanity in the global sphere as well as to France, he may emerge as a saviour rather than a despot! But your right – the odds are against it – it’s easier to abuse power and succumb to the pleasures of the flesh – as is Strauss Kahn and a bunch of other megalomaniacs that rule the world.

  2. Krisztina N says:

    I don’t know Adrian, but something is wrong with your figures…

  3. Hello,

    Thank you for your analysis, Adrian.

    Maye be you could be interested by a study on the 2012 French Elections based on Chinese Astrology.

    However, it’s in French… but if somebody is interested, I’ll translate the paper..

    Hélios de Lemme

  4. Joy Munro says:

    Dear Adrian,
    The articles are amazing and the parallels are even more amazing. Do you suppose there is a natural current that bares to ask “what came first the chart or the horoscope?”.

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