The Lightning Rod of Change – Uranus transiting the Angles

In astrology there are no more powerful influences than the transits of the three outer planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – over the four angles of the horoscope.

The first, fourth, seventh and tenth house cusps are derived from the exact birth time and place of a person, and are therefore more personal than anything else. They make the actual framework for an individual’s life: the Ascendant (1st house) shows what is rising on the eastern horizon, the Descendant (7th house) what is setting on the western horizon. The Midheaven (10th house), or MC, shows the highest point the sun reaches at noon, and the Immum Coeli (4th house), or IC, shows the lowest point the sun reaches under the earth around midnight.

In symbolical terms therefore, the Ascendant shows You, and what is personal about you, like for example the impact you make and appearance. The Descendant shows the Other… whoever you happen to encounter who becomes a counterpoint to your existence and an object onto whom you project qualities which you tend to deny in yourself. The MC represents your highest goal… the fruit of your ambitions, whilst the IC represents your family and heritage… the mysterious roots of your past.

When outer planets transit personal planets like the Sun or Venus for example, there is not necessarily a change of structure. But when one of the outer planets passes over the four angles, there will be a change in the framework of your life. If you live to the age of 84, you will experience a Uranus transit over all four angles, and each event will be immediately recognizable. (When Uranus transited my Ascendant, I lived in India for a year. On its transit to my Descendant 42 years later, I find myself in India once again.) A Neptune or Pluto transit over the angles is much rarer, and correspondingly deeper and more far-reaching. You will not experience a transit of these two planets over more than two angles in your lifetime.

The short interpretation for these transits is that Uranus brings freedom, enlightenment and autonomy, Neptune brings confusion, idealism and a spiritual baptism, and that Pluto brings crisis, psychological insight and transformation. However, these influences are much nuanced and are naturally modified by the sign the transiting planet is in during the course of the transit. And with Uranus and Neptune having just changed sign (to Aries and Pisces respectively), and the comparatively recent arrival of Pluto in Capricorn, the outer planet transits to the four angles will be subtly different to how they were a few years back.

Uranus transits, with Uranus now in Aries, will bring far more dynamism and action than earlier when it was in Pisces. Just as Bush could not capture Osama bin Laden when Uranus was in Pisces, a sudden commando raid under Obama did the job with Uranus in Aries. Likewise, it is a mistake to think that the miring down of US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan in the Uranus in Pisces period will repeat itself in the Uranus in Aries period, when fast campaigns will tend to work. Collectively the world wants action.

On a personal level, action is also the key to working with current Uranus transits, whilst patience and going with the flow may have been more effective in the Piscean period. Previously brave initiatives will have dissolved in the face of unpredictable factors which undermined autonomy. Now it will actually pay off to take a risk. Those with alternative-style beliefs would have listened more to clairvoyants with Uranus in Pisces, but with Uranus in Aries they will want to feel in control of their own fate through personal autonomy and action.

The following descriptions show the generic effects of Uranus over the four angles with a following commentary on how the specific Uranus-in-Aries effect modifies the experience.

Uranus over the Ascendant: Revolutionary new departures

You have reached a point in your life when you no longer can continue on a conventional path. To live your life according to old mores and conventions is inconceivable – you need excitement, experimentation and change. This means that you make a choice for freedom rather than restriction, and naturally this has consequences for the way you choose to live your life in the future, and for your personal relationships. Basically this is a consciousness-raising epoch when long-distance travel or contact with really exciting groups stimulates you to make changes in your lifestyle. New interests linked with New Age values absorb you. You tend to be uncompromising in your choices now – authorities have no influence on you at all. You are swept off on a wave of exhilarating change. This exciting period leads you to embark on a life that is focused on what is unique about you.

As this affects your Aries individual qualities, your urge for freedom and independence will be explosive. You will be completely unreceptive to suggestions that you tone down your urge for radical change. Never before have you felt so completely that the time is Now. You have a duty to be a personal example to others, and bravery and honesty will be your guiding lights.

Uranus over the Descendant: Freedom in relationships

A new epoch is starting in your life regarding the way you relate to the world and important people who are close to you. Change comes now because of a growing need to see the world and experience new people – people who inspire you to think in radical new ways. This brings consciousness growth in connection with groups and perhaps also new connections abroad and travel. Existing relationships must adapt and provide far more space now, so that both you and your partner can evolve and grow.

Neither you nor your loved ones can tolerate restriction, dominance or manipulative behavior – love is also about setting people free. If you are in a relationship that you have longed to get out of, this could be the time. If you are not in a relationship you may well meet an unusual person, a foreigner perhaps, who takes you on a wild ride. If you have enemies at this time, don’t underestimate them, as you are vulnerable to a surprise attack. You take the freedom now to learn new and rather unconventional skills for dealing with people, and this can change how you work professionally. This period can be expected to a new life full of freedom and possibility.

With Aries on the Descendant you enjoy the challenge of balancing a partner who is demonstrably an individual. Now, with the Uranus transit, this individual comes with a universal declaration of independence, which can spur you to examine your own dependence and bring more space to the relationship. Give freedom to those you love, then give some more. It is a liberation. As the Descendant is also “over there”, this is likely to bring trans-continental adventures.

Uranus over the IC: Gipsy life

A new epoch is beginning in your life connected with your roots and domestic circumstances. You shake loose many attachments to the past and have the desire to be footloose and free. Oppressive family pressures are not for you at this time, and you make choices that increase your freedom of movement. If this was 19th century America, you would be heading out West. There is a gipsy spirit which can result in you moving home or at least traveling a lot between different home bases. It is also possible that people who come from an exotic environment spend time in your home now, awakening you to the big, wild world. Desire for renewal, excitement and change can also affect your career, inspiring you to be more independent. If you have been contemplating relocation or moving abroad, this is the time to do it. This will lead to a new and freer home life.

As you have Aries on the 4th house cusp, you are always ready to make a fast decision concerning the family. With the Uranus transit, you are likely to demand extreme bravery from those dependent on you. And anyone you are dependent upon, particularly parents, you will liberate yourself from in no uncertain terms. This influence is likely to bring domestic disruption because of your need to tear yourself away from roots that are perceived to be tying you down.

Uranus over the MC: Exciting career changes

A new epoch is beginning in your professional life as you tire of old goals and missions and are gripped by an urge for more freedom and independence at work. If you have been thinking of striking out on your own, this is the time to do it. You chafe under authorities at this time, but you may be fortunate to find an enlightened and exciting team of people with whom you can work. Ideals are more important than materialism, and if you can travel internationally, or involve yourself with international groups, it could not be better.

This is the time to make a break with traditions and authorities of all sorts, and to capitalize on the unique talents in your possession. More satisfaction will be gained by working freelance than if you continue in an old boring role. This may well lead to a new professional era when you fully realize your potential.

When you have Aries on the 10th house cusp, you do not need much encouragement to strike out on your own. The Uranus transit will launch you into a different orbit, and you will either start your own completely unique career, or drop the nine to five job and become free-lance. The first sign will be a clash with the powers that be, whether this is the boss or parents. The only way they can hold on to you now is by giving you complete freedom.

In the next two sections of this article, I will be dealing with Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn as they transit the four angles of your chart.

Adrian Duncan May 2nd, 2011.

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35 Responses to The Lightning Rod of Change – Uranus transiting the Angles

  1. Ben says:

    Uranus is entering my 4th house, past my IC now. It is amazing how what you said here applies to me! All my past relationships are really “shaken”. Thanks for the insight.

  2. Pauline Shewaga says:

    do not have my exact is very close to-O’–2″? Pisces….watching and waiting for “what neptune’ will bring?-or-not—-at this time I am feeling very much crystal clear re; what is happening—and I must say, I am enjoying nothing as much in all other times of my life.. very exciting,dangerous,and OK…cannot express any other….also have saturn in my 8th-house—completing the T-square to my venus-cap.11th—and uranus-20 aries-1st…..guess its the Uranus in 1st that is bringing this feeling of ???/….1/29/33—8;20PST—and am ready to “go’…

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  4. Hello Adrian,
    greetings from Berlin, I stumbled upon your page today, as Uranus is making an exact conjunction to my descendant.
    Great illuminating reading, thanks a lot! Having a cardinal cross AC 1 Libra, IC 2 Capricorn etc., all my angles are involved every time one of them is touched by a major transit.
    These past couple of years have been undescribable. Pluto on my IC, Uranus on my DC, Neptune, having nothing better to do, opposing my Leo Moon/Virgo Sun conjunction, not to mention Saturn, of course, setting it all of some 2 years ago, transiting my natal 12th house Pluto Uranus conjunction/6th house Saturn opposition and half a year later my ascendant.
    I made a little transit voyage today, and all major events in my life have occurred when one of the outer planets touched my angles.
    If you have time, do you think the mid 60’s Pluto/Uranus conjunction is exceptionally sensitive to these transits, or is it that cardinal cross, or maybe the whole cocktail? It’s definitely something that I experience intensely
    All the best, Mads

    • adrian6969 says:

      Yes, the mid-sixties folk will be very sensitive to the coming series of squares between Uranus and Pluto. Sounds like your stuff is over though. Maybe you’ll miss the excitement 🙂

      • Mads Elung-Jensen says:

        Ah well, when Pluto and Uranus meet in their first square this summer, they’ll be exactly squaring/opposing my natal 8 Libra Venus. That’ll be fun too:-)

    • angelily says:

      Upcoming pluto on my IC and Uranus on my DC, Im scared.
      Im Aries, Asc Libra and nataly Pluto conjunct Asc, with Uranus is in my 1 house, saturn on my MC, so Im dreading the changes that are about to come.
      The feeling inside me is all about trying to find peace and stabillity, but everything seems to be falling apart.

      • adrian6969 says:

        Hi angelily. I have AS 3 Libra and IC 4 Capricorn, so I have just experienced the same set of transits. I HAVE had a bit of a wild time, but I am still alive and kicking.

  5. Lena says:

    I’m facing an upcoming Uranus conjuction with my MC in Aries in less of a month. I’m not ready to let my job go. Too much insecurity. But then again I might ‘get the boot’ or something and be forced to accept it.
    My guess is that nothing is coincidental. Maybe I was meant to ‘find’ out something like that before it happens so I could digest it and move on?
    Frustrating. I do have something to publish when the time comes, but I don’t even want to think that I could ‘fly’ solo with that. I kinda like the security a clerk-job has to offer..


    • adrian6969 says:

      I guess there can be other issues. Hope you keep your security 😉

      • Lena says:

        You were right, there were other issues. More Neptunian I’d say than Martian.. Truth is I’m gaining my self confident back; step by step though. I guess that is what Pluto stands for walking around in my 7th as in making me change my idea for myself. Rough yet precious times..


  6. Faye Leister says:

    I am having transiting Uranus (from the 4th) square my ascendant/descendant (almost) – (my ascendant is 6 degrees Capricorn) and I am relating a lot to the descriptions of Uranus to the asc and desc but I realise you are talking about conjunctions in this article. I know some astrologers say that only conjunctions to the angles work. I wonder what you think?

    • adrian6969 says:

      All aspects work, I think. Indira Gandhi was assassinated when Saturn was exactly square her Ascendant.

      • Faye Leister says:

        Yes I think so. The Uranian energy feels extremely strong and relationships are ending suddenly and – and another beginning – but very unusual and unpredictable.

  7. Julia says:

    hello from Greece!!!
    Transiting Uranus is going to pass over my ascendant….I am ready for changes at my life…

  8. Liv says:

    Thank you for this article specific to the sign of t.Uranus. What I’m curious about is that I have Pluto conj my IC and Uranus in Aries will simultaneously oppose it. When it squared it back in the mid 90s my mother died at the age of 49. Would it be plausible for the opposition to affect my home life in such an unexpected way as did the square?

  9. sherry Hanson says:

    Hmm, I have natal uranus in my 2nd house, conj. mercury and pluto. Uranus is conj. my mc and I have Jupiter in the 10th, trine 2nd house sun. I have been an independent business owner for 2 yrs. already, so I have no idea what the career change can be. I am writing a book and am getting ready to sell my artwork online, so maybe a fortunate surprise awaits. One thing is for sure, after being my own boss I wlll NEVER be able to work for anyone else but myself again. It’s just too rewarding and liberating!

  10. Daniel says:

    Hello Adrian,
    Greetings from Mexico!
    Very interesting article, thank you.
    I was born on Jan 17, 1976, 17:15 pm in Mexico City and Uranus is entering soon to my 10th house in Aries, I have my natal Jupiter in house 10th as well and Uranus will be in conjunction with it in some point, is this a good or a bad transit?
    I’m very concerned about my career with this transit for what Uranus represents in the Astrology.
    Gracias Amigo!

  11. jeannie says:

    Hello Adrian, I wanted to ask would these intrepretations apply to Solar Arc aspects, as well? I am now within a 1 degree orb of my Solar Arc Uranus conjunct my natal Ascendant at 8’34” in Scorpio.

    Thank you!

  12. Ljiljana says:

    Last year, Pluto transited on my natal Jupiter, then on my MC twice, and now starts to continue thrue my tenth. In the moment of conjuncting Jupiter, it formed square with my natal Pluto and Venus.
    Uranus transits now on my natal Venus, Chiron, Moon and Asc in Aries, during Neptune transite my natal Sun and natal Merqury in 29 d. of Aquarius!!!!!.
    I also have natal Mars in the first house.

    What to say? Where’s the entrance of the space ship to Mars? I want to go there!

    But, Jupiter is now a days in sextile with this bunch of planets on my Asc, so … this is what’s happened:

    I divorsed last year after 19 years of solid marriage with my husband doctor (the moment Pluto conjuced my MC first time) , we couldnt save it after I found he cheeted on me (when Pluto transited my lucky Jupiter in the T-cross with natal Pluto and Venus).

    I took kids and I aquirred an apartment of my own (and there’s a Pluto rebirth)

    I changed my job to financial auditor position, after I was succesfuly subjected to very siriouse state audition on my old job of accountant manager. (Pluto did it 🙂
    This new job, and having flat of my own – it was what I dreamed about.

    After a divorce, I started very romantic and passionate secret distance relationshep with an older man I met on the internet, he is writer, we started do write and compose songs :-), together… I also started to sing in a local band and travelled a lot , not just because my new boyfriend have a house on the sea coast… but also for the job, and for singing… This was Pluto sqare on Venus, Uranus on Venus, and Neptun on my Sun….

    But it is not all: This month, I have another promotion smiling with important raise and status.
    An old friend – woman colegue invited me to work in her department on the very high and responsable auditor position in the state (Uranus on the Moon, and Jupiter sextile Moon) , this is something too far I was afraid to dream about… If I say yes, I I have to leave this fine position in the audition of state prison, I have to work hard, travel to work 80 km and back every day and taking care of two kids of 11 and 14, pass the aditional proffesional exams, and in few years hoping to gain sallary of a state ministry, maybe to move to capital city, all together with my kids.

    What to say, my life starts to look like a rollacoster!!!

    I am afraid to stop! I am disy, but I know that If I don’t use this energies for me now, I am afraid thay start to work against me! So , i stick together with my self, holding my hands by my self, and i will see what will hapend. I imagine my self and my kids together in the big town, living on better level and with educational oportunities for them…, me with new people and friends, able to do something for my kids, and for a world… safe and secure for my old age…

    Let me mention that my natal Saturn is in my second house, and I see it now, that I m geting forward with this rewarding state pension plan :-))) , using this hard ,working , but secure paths …So , let it be!

    Maybe this Neptun guy get me figure all wrong, but this Aries fiury makes be act brave and fast!

    Thanks for your article!

  13. Timi says:

    Uranus smack on my Asc right now and Pluto just passed my MC. Wild times. Thanks for the insight… it helps keep me grounded to know that these are the deep trends happening and that I’m not alone. Good God what a roller-coaster.

  14. Laura says:

    I have uranus in the 4th house right now and description fits perfectly.I moved from Miami were parents and siblings reside to Colorado with husband and changed careers about a year and a half after move and discovered the real me which I couldn’t fully see near my roots. In about 5 years my uranus will enter my 5th house and conjunct my natal juno. Right after my pluto will transit to the second house which is in capricorn but will eventually be in aquarius and my 5th house will be in taurus when it transits the 5th. I think these two transits happening together is not a coincidence and wonder how it will manifest itself. Divorce, an affair, surprise pregnancy? What do you think?

  15. Pebbles says:

    I love your writings. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Adrian.

    Uranus is about to conjunct my MC (around June 10th) I have house 10 in Aries. And Pluto is transiting my 7th house in Capricorn. I was wondering if these are just coincidences because you’re talking here about Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.

    I am starting to feel restless at work. I’ve been working in Private health care for 20 years. For the first time in my life I’m feeling a lot of pressure at work coming from a boss who is manipulative and controlling and suffers from anxiety. For six years I’ve been tolerating and “obeying” like a good go-with-the-flow Pisces, relying on diplomacy and common sense. But 3-4 months ago things started to get out of control. I feel limited and insulted as a professional. And not appreciated, needless to say.
    I love writing poetry and brainstorming about new ideas… fantasizing often about a change in careers, a chance to express my creativity somehow.

    I’m feeling the urge to quit the job. I do feel that if I don’t, pretty soon this person will reach my limit and when I react with a challenging response I will be fired anyway. Maybe this is a silly question or maybe I’m just looking for a bit of guidance. One thing I do not want to do is act out of fear. I want to act out of faith. Thank you, friend.

  16. Melody says:

    Thank you! My chart is oriented on 11degrees, libra rising. The day Pluto crossed th IC my husband had a mini stroke. The day Uranus crossed into my 7th, my oldest dog had to be put to sleep. Not the lightest of times! Waiting to see what this month brings!

  17. Em says:

    Thank-you so much for this article Adrian. Looking ahead I will have Uranus transit my MC within a few months of Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn all transiting my DC – this is all due to happen same year as the great conjunction of December 2020 which is exactly opposite my Saturn. I look forward to the next articles! Thanks again. 🙂

  18. rosemary Ledbetter says:

    I love your website.
    I am going through a transit of Pluto just crossing into my 4th house and Uranus crossing into my 7th. Libra rising.
    I live in Arizona and feel a pull to move out of here. My astrocartography here is Jupiter asc and Saturn Midheaven. Would a move make this transit easier?
    thank you

  19. christine
    I have progressed saturn conjunct natal saturn (exact 1/12/2013), next april transiting uranus is exact conjuct natal sun (at 14 aries in 6th ) and square mc (14 cancer), and in 2013-16 transiting pluto squaring natal sun and oppostite mc. I was put off work at end may and unable to get work since. Am looking forward (??) to changes although naturally still apprehensive

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