Trends in 2013

As we enter the year 2013 – having survived the predictions of the end of history (as some people have interpreted Mayan astronomy) – the populations of the world are perhaps beginning to get accustomed to an atmosphere of crisis. The struggle for the survival of the Euro continues, and the whole European ideal, which truly sprang from an earnest desire of politicians in France and Germany to forever avoid new wars in the mid-1950’s is being questioned. The US continues to hover between recession and growth, China is battling with leadership change and the consequences of an overheated economy. Recession in the west creates problems in the developing countries, and only a few economies seem to be thriving, particularly Russia and Brazil. The Middle East is in turmoil; Iran is still perceived as a threat.  So when will we see improvements? Continue reading

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The Future of the Dollar

Much was made of the August 1999 eclipse at the time, not least connected with the prophecies of Nostradamus, but when the eclipse actually occurred, the world did not end, at least not unless you lived in Izmit, Turkey, where an earthquake took place 5 days later killing about 17,000 people. (Note 1) Nevertheless, eclipses are said to sensitize degrees for years after they have taken place. The 1999 eclipse occurred at 18.21 Leo, whilst Venus was retrograde at 2 degrees Virgo. Several weeks later Venus moved stationary direct on the eclipse degree, which must have made that position extra sensitive. At least when Venus returned to that exact spot two years later – 18.24 Leo – the World Trade Center crumbled into dust.

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Germany and the Euro

If you ever hitchhiked around Europe in the 1960’s one of the things that would have irritated you is the fact that every time you crossed a border you would have to change your money. From the UK that meant pounds into francs, francs into guilders, guilders into marks and finally marks into kroner, if you were heading to Scandinavia. You lost money at every border. Although the British government, some would say very sensibly, maintains the independence of the pounds sterling, most EU countries today use the Euro, or have their currency pegged to the Euro, and this makes European trade stable and easy to administrate. Furthermore the creation of the EU has unified Europe to such an extent, that the kind of wars that destroyed Europe in the 20th century seem unthinkable in the 21st. Continue reading

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The Future of America

On November 6th 2012 the future of America will be decided by the clash of Democrats and Republicans, as Barak Obama seeks to stave off the challenge of Republican candidate Mitt Romney. At the time of writing the population of the USA is evenly split. Republicans are determined to reverse the health care legislation that was the crowning achievement of Obama’s first presidential period, claiming that forcing people to buy health insurance is just another tax. In a country historically suspicious of government interference, the view amongst Republicans is that people should be free to choose. Continue reading

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Stellar Travel – electing a horoscope

One day I was called in for a tax audit, and as astrologers tend to do, I checked out the horoscope. It did not look good, with the Moon activating a Saturn/Jupiter square, but I soldiered on anyway through the interview – you can’t let astrology rule your life, right? – and it ended just as badly as the horoscope suggested it would. Another time, on a routine visit to the bank, I ignored the fact that there was a Moon/Pluto conjunction (in Scorpio), and my bank adviser took out her foul mood on me, which translated into financial difficulties for several months. As time went by, experience has shown that it is a good idea to arrange the time for important meetings, so that they will unfold harmoniously. So now if the tax calls me to a meeting, or if I want something from my bank, or if there is a business meeting, I make sure that we are going to reach a favorable agreement. If the date is not good, I am on the phone… sorry, I can’t quite make it that day, what about… ? – whilst I frantically work the keys of the computer casting charts for the alternative times we discuss.

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Your Age – Part Two: Planetary Cycles

In the previous article on this subject, I examined predictable changes that would happen for people just because of their age. Knowing a person’s age means that you know the year of birth, and – perhaps with a little help from the planetary ephemeris – you will then know the sign positions of the outer planets and nodes. When the planet aspects itself at a specific age, then changes will take place according to the sign (and house) position of this planet. For example, I have Uranus in Cancer in the 9th house, and when I was 20 – 21 and Uranus squared its birth position, I was traveling in India and my wife-to-be gave birth to our son there… the creation of a family abroad. Continue reading

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Your age and what it reveals – Part 1

It is amazing how much can be inferred about a person, even without knowing their horoscope. Any proficient sun sign astrologer knows how powerful the sun alone is in a sign, and how the sign ruler of the sun sign, in its orbit around the sun and interaction with the other planets, reliably provides background information about what is going on. In the first few months of 2012 for example, Mars was retrograde in Virgo. For Scorpios this is a solar 11th house placement, which means that constant reorganization in connection with groups has been a feature of this period, whilst for Aries, this is a solar 6th house placement, reflecting struggles in connection with the work environment and colleagues. Likewise Aquarians and Capricorns are sure to feel major changes as sign ruler Saturn moves from Libra to Scorpio on October 5th and they will find themselves profoundly affected by Saturn’s immediate trine to Neptune just 6 days later – a trine that will last well over a year. That should soften up the ambitions. Continue reading

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Transits and the chance for change

When a tree is planted, eased carefully into the earth, watered and nurtured, you can look at it one day, and then the next, but you will not see it grow. But as you watch it each spring, you will notice that that, yes, it has grown and the trunk is thicker, the branches longer. When the first hard green apple appears, it may feel that it takes forever, but one day, there it hangs, ripe and juicy and the tree is ready to be harvested. (Note 1)

It’s like that with progressions… they creep up on you without you noticing. But suddenly you realize their effect has been growing and blossoming, and you are already acting them out. As John Lennon says: “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans”. Mercury progressed may for example catch up with Venus by progression, and for years and years they move on together in tandem. Could that be your new partner’s sister who is always visiting and involved, or have you started a 5-year study of French, or is a sibling born, who will be a part of the family inventory for years to come? Progressions can encompass everything, and you may still not realize their importance. Continue reading

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The Future of the Euro

New Year’s Day may have been good once, but it is not so any more. In the current decade it is the political and economic hangovers that weigh heavy as the year begins… and will continue to do so for several years into the future. There may be a temptation to start something new on New Year’s Day, but it would be inadvisable to do it from 2012 to 2015, because the Uranus/Pluto cycle will consistently be square the sun which is always at 10 degrees Capricorn on January 1st. Pluto will reach this degree in February 2013 and Uranus squares this position in May in the same year… and a long time will elapse before these transits have passed. Furthermore a horoscope for New Year’s Eve will almost always have about 1 – 10 degrees Libra in the Ascendant and 1 – 10 degrees Capricorn on the IC for western countries in the northern hemisphere, which means that Uranus conjoins the Descendant and Pluto the IC for all these countries. Continue reading

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Hello again, Obama

Whilst Sarkozy is not popular in France; neither is Obama popular in the USA.  Republicans hate him; never have the States been so divided. But even many Democrats are bitterly disappointed in him, saying he has caved in to Republican demands and watered down Democrat policies, social, environmental and political. This deep disappointment in Obama has always been on the agenda, for, with his Sun square Neptune, he has always embodied impossible hopes.  But it is unlikely that he is weak either, for Saturn, the ruler of his Aquarian ascendant, is strong in Capricorn, and his Sun is strong in Leo. But the Sun in the 6th house shows a man motivated to tone down ego needs to make work go smoothly, and his Saturn trine Mars in Virgo, is very, very pragmatic. He is obviously supremely intelligent, with Moon in Gemini sextile Mercury on the one hand and trine Jupiter on the other. But the fact that Moon is in Gemini in the 4th house of home and country, and square Pluto reflects not only his split childhood, where is grandmother looked after him more than his mother, but also the polarized country that he rules.

Barack Obama. August 4th, 1961. 19.24HonoluluAS 18.03 AQ

The horoscope for the USA (Note 1) has Venus at 3.06 and Jupiter at 5.50 Cancer, and these positions have been hammered by the transiting Pluto opposition and Uranus square. No wonder theUSis in crisis, and Obama along with the country. But in 2012 this crisis must abate, because the transits will be over. This suggests that many of Obama’s economic initiatives will appear to work, and the economy will improve. So, whileEuropegets deeper into trouble, theUSAwill emerge a little stronger.

At the election in November 2012 people will remember that Obama has had his successes, particularly the elimination of Osama bin Laden, and his ability to extract US troops from two wars Bush bequeathed him. TheUSAhas its IC at 1.03 Aries, and the transit of Uranus over this point has symbolized this unique man who has come into the White House, as well as the uncertainty affecting theUSgovernment. As the election approaches, some things will settle down.

By the time of the election,Neptuneis in Pisces in a long-term trine to Saturn in Scorpio, and this is a more left-wing than right-wing signature, showing a collective need for social reform and concern for the underprivileged.

US election 2012: November 6th, 2012. 6.00New YorkAS 7.08 SC

The Moon in Leo crosses over Obama’s Sun during Election Day making a sextile to Venus in Libra on the one side, and Jupiter in Gemini on the other… in other words the two benefics are favorably aspecting his Sun, and the Moon focuses this.  Jupiter will have conjoined his Moon earlier in the year, suggesting that he has once again managed his grass roots supporters expertly. Mercury is stationary retrograde, which means its square to Neptune will repeat twice more, so it is not difficult to imagine a lot of claims of fraud, particularly with voting systems and disenfranchisement.

But otherwise it is an unremarkable chart. When Obama was elected in 2008, there was an exact and extremely rare opposition between Saturn and Uranus, which was very appropriate for a change in political structures and the victory of the new and young. Even Obamas own chart shows little drama as 2012 draws to a close. The progressed Mars, which squares his Saturn from 2011-2012 reflecting the hard struggles of the current period, is over. There are no major transits until Neptune squares his Moon in 2013 (though it is very close in the summer of 2012). The terrible Uranus/Pluto sesqui squares to his Ascendant are over, as are the aspects to his Venus.  This is not Sarkozy, with the Uranus/Pluto exactly hitting natal Moon/Mars. And precisely because so little is happening, my guess is that he will be re-elected, because if he is re-elected nothing much changes.

However his Ascendant progressed will be at 22.16 Aries and coming uncomfortably close to a square to progressed Saturn retrograde at 23.12 Capricorn, which is an indication of insurmountable obstacles. But probably this reflects difficulties in his next term, and by the time progressed Ascendant squares natal Saturn at 25.19 towards the end of his second term, then he will have become ineffective.

But whoever becomes president of the United Stateson Americafrom January 20th 2013 to January 19th 2017 is not to be envied, and here’s why. The progressed Sun of theUSA moves in square to its Uranus progressed at the end of 2011, and will make the exact square to radix Uranus at the time of the November 2012 election. There is going to be profound discontent amongst the people at the time of the election. This politically polarized country will become more and more difficult to rule as President, and civil disobedience will be on the rise. What makes this really serious is that transit Uranus will also square theUS Sun from April 2014 to February 2015, simultaneously opposing the US Saturn in Libra – Congress.  Pluto is of course involved too, and will oppose theUS sun from March 2014 to October 2015. This is quite catastrophic for the President and Congress, and theUSA will become ungovernable at this time.

Adrian Ross Duncan 9th September 2011

Note 1. Using the Sibley chart July 4th, 1776, 17.10.40 Philadelphia AS 12.21 SG

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